A whitelabel mobile social-media solution



Connect with your customers and allow your customers to connect with eachother.



Use these connections to build a virtual community. The most important community of all – a community made up entirely of your customers.



Once a community has been created, use these connections to communicate your messages to your customers. Get to know them, communicate with them and get the conversation started.


  • Simply connects you to our customer - we remove the complexity of mulitple mobile devices with multiple operating systems. A simple single interface to manage your userbase on whatever mobile they might want to use.
  • Cost effective access to your customers - be able to easily send content and messages to your customer community in a way that makes sense for them
  • Realtime access to the community and the community to each other – drive interaction within your brand community
  • Drive viral growth of your user community – use your customers to find your immediate next customer via word-of-mouth
  • Simplify your customer's experience by having consistency of information across all types of mobile phones as well as mobile channels (USSD, app, mobi site)
  • Gathers end user data that allows you to can be used to better market your brand to your customers – you can track your customer interaction Enable your own surveys of your user base(Upload surveys quickly and easily using the CMS system)
  • Real time feedback or response based on the data – you have the ability to monitor feedback and if necessary action immediate feedback to your customers.
  • Offers significant revenue generation opportunities be ‘selling’ access to the community - Create an eWallet which you can use to sell commodities into the community Allow external research surveys to be run

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