About us

Company overview


Indaba Mobile is a mobile-focused social media company. We enable traditional businesses to extend into the mobile social network space by providing them with their own customisable social media platform.

For years, traditional marketers have distributed marketing messages using TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards, and until now it has been a predominantly one-way communication.

Today it’s all about conversations.

Traditional advertising and marketing messages are not conversations. In fact, what many marketers should be asking themselves is why they continue to talk at their customers when they should be talking to them.

Creating a dialogue and promoting conversation with and amongst your customers is vital.

Indaba Mobile can help you to make these conversations happen. We can help you connect with your customers, build a community and communicate with them at a fraction of traditional marketing spend, while providing clear benefits to your customers in the form of free instant messaging and much more.

The team

Indaba Mobile is a wholly South African company founded in 2009. Indaba’s management team has extensive international experience working with leading blue-chip clients in retail, consumer goods and finance, as well as first-hand experience in systems engineering, performance and data analysis, research, media and marketing.