Industry Solutions

The indaba platform has been proven in a variety of markets and here are examples of the current solutions and where we are working on the next market solutions.


Assist retailers to reach a large customer base more cost effectively and learn about their customers. Enable ecommerce transactions to their market base.

Financial Services

enable financial services organisations to provide service access to their customer base in via the mobile as well as grow a larger user community.

Distributed group contact and messaging

Global organisations that have distributed audiences (churches, multinationals etc).


Custom designed surveys that can be tailored to specific end user groups, done over time to get more insight or bespoke built in order to gather specific dat from the end user. All data gathered in these surveys can be delivered in real time to the surveyor.

Developing market NGO access

assisting NGO’s in connecting with their benefit users in developing countries as well as being able to account for their aid or assistance spend in a more auditable manner.