Technological Backbone

App Features

One of the platforms cornerstones is the array of mobile applications that we support from a central point.

Multiple OS

Multiple operating systems as standard


Single source central content management to all operating systems allows for easy management


All applications can be uniquely branded

Automatic Content Refresh

Content refresh with applications is automatic

Reaching Users

Content can be enabled to only reach specific groupings of your end users

Consistent Apps

Embedded social features consistent in all apps. Find a friend, chat, share

Enabling technologies

Indaba has developed its own technology from the ground up in order to run these communities.

Key technology features:

  • Mobile-centric platform – full platform deigned from concept to be specifc to support mobiles and their intricacies
  • All phones – low end feature phones (no apps! – just USSD) right through to smart phones in one place
  • Imbedded social elements – your own branded social network. Ability for user to find each other, connect and share.
  • Multi-channel (USSD, App, SMS, Mobi, Email, Web) – as many of the channels opened via a mobile are available on the platform in order to simplify your customers experience.
  • Multi Brand - a single platform can support multiple end customer brands should you require it
  • Single content generation – a central content source for all apps on all phones to simplify management and reach
  • Rich realtime user data – available on your deak within seconds of the user interaction
  • Full solution – web and mobi sites, download management, mobile apps all provided in once place
  • Managed solution – remove the need to staff up in your organisation
  • Enabling technology is current with global best of breed - high availability real time systems utilising big data redundant data stores (same as google and facebook)